anadian bus builder Letenda has unveiled a new generation of electric buses designed specifically for cold temperatures. The first model to arrive will be a midibus called Electrip, which is designed as a city bus.

The ‘Electrip’ is about nine meters long and, according to Letenda, will offer space for up to 45 passengers, including 24 seats and room for up to six wheelchairs. The manufacturer refers to a “redesigned geometry to provide unparalleled comfort and manoeuvrability.” Thanks to a modular aluminium body, the Electrip is said to be very lightweight, which in turn contributes to its efficiency.

Cummins will be providing the e-drive and batteries and will install three battery packs in the buses with a total capacity of 222 kWh. On the Letenda website, the battery capacity is stated as 222 kWh to 296 – so apparently a fourth battery pack is offered as an option. The battery cells use NMC chemistry and can be charged with up to 150 kW.

In addition to the batteries, the powertrain control, drive motor, power electronics, charge control and connectivity systems also come from Cummins. The company’s cooperation with Letenda will be expanded, as Letenda intends to offer the electric bus throughout Canada and the United States.

So far, the Electrip’s range in summer or winter has not been revealed. There is supposed to be underfloor heating in the interior. What is supposed to make the Electrip so suitable for winter use, however, is not specified.

Nicolas Letendre, president and CEO of Letenda, targets other features in his statements in the release. “The Electrip is perfectly suited for transportation companies wishing to reduce their environmental impact and optimize their operations while moving towards sustainable mobility,” Letendre says. “Our product is complementary to the existing electric vehicle offer for public transit due to its size and innovative design.”