PEORIA (Heart of Illinois ABC) — CityLink unveiled three Proterra battery-electric buses Wednesday.

The buses are 35-foot Proterra Catalyst battery-electric buses, designed and manufactured in the United States.

The buses feature zero tailpipe emissions, saving approximately 230,000 pounds of greenhouse gases annually when replacing a diesel bus, according to a release from CityLink.

“The electric buses will be replacing our three oldest diesel buses, and we look forward to adding them to our fixed route fleet very soon,” said CityLink General Manager Doug Roelfs. “We hope our passengers will enjoy riding these zero-emission and clean-air buses for many years to come.”

They also offer a quieter ride for reduced noise pollution, greater efficiency and lower operating costs with fewer parts when compared to combustion engine vehicles.

Each new bus also features a unique wrap to distinguish them from the rest of CityLink’s fleet.

Bus 2401 was designed by the Edwards settlement plaintiffs and community partners and features a cartoon electric bus character; bus 2402 was designed by local graphic designer Angie Walker and features a lightning bolt design; and bus 2403 was also designed by Angie Walker and features a hot air balloon design.

CityLink received $2.3 million in funding for two of these buses (2402 and 2403) and the accompanying charging infrastructure in July 2019 from the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), a division of the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), as part of the Low or No Emission (Low-No) Bus Program. 

CityLink was selected as a recipient of $1.23 million to fund the purchase of bus 2401 and the accompanying charging infrastructure in February 2020 as part of the Edwards Settlement Fund Distribution.

CityLink will continue with staff training on these battery-electric buses for a few more weeks, and it expects the buses to be added to the fixed-route fleet in October.


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