Rolls-Royce’s Power Systems business unit has developed several concepts that could help mining companies achieve their emission-reducing targets. One of them is a new hybrid mining truck that boasts some interesting capabilities. 

Mining vehicles might not sound as exciting as the latest cars, but that doesn’t make them less important when it comes to cutting emissions and establishing a sustainable industry. One of the issues with trying to develop green alternatives for trucks in general, is that of performance – even more so, in the case of haul trucks. Rolls-Royce has come up with a solution that manages to maintain standard performance, while reducing emissions.

The concept behind this mtu hybrid haul truck is replacing the standard engine with a combination of an mtu diesel engine plus batteries. Due to the fact that the batteries can be recharged through braking energy while moving downhill, which provides enough power to then get the loaded truck uphill, the engine can be downsized. And, by replacing the standard engine with a downsized one, CO2 emissions are significantly reduced.

Tests were conducted on haul trucks with a 1,163 KW 16V 2000 engine, instead of the 16V 4000 engine with a 1,865 KW output. Together with the mtu Energy Pack battery system, this allowed new trucks to achieve a 30% CO2 emissions reduction, and a 22% reduction for retrofits, while performance levels were equal to those of the initial versions.

Another innovative concept for sustainable mining is a microgrid solution, based on sustainable energy supply systems. They’re designed to operate in remote regions, without depending on public power grids. This is achieved by combining renewable energy sources, mtu battery storage systems and mtu diesel and/or gas generators, in addition to a central plant control system.

These innovative concepts, as well as other developments such as hydrogen-powered engines and fuel cells, will be presented at MINExpo 2021. The Rolls-Royce hybrid mining truck will be produced in partnership with customers.


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